New Massdrop headphones

Just a thought, but I (and Im sure many other people) would love to see
I think that would make for a very interesting and awesome product

That is all

I personally wouldn't be all that interested in a T50 driver collaboration unless it is a fully closed variety, with solid bass extension. The sub-bass of several of the T50 mods leaves me wanting.
Jul 25, 2016
I would love to see a successor to the He500(He5xx?) at a much lower cost. Alot of HiFimans prices could easily be lowered by removing their over-the-top packaging.
Jul 25, 2016
Well perhaps, but it doesn't have to be modders who supplies mass drop. They seemed to have custom massdrop AKGs and TH-x00, so I was thinking a massdrop edition RP. Factory dual entry cable (get rid of that God awful socket. They tried to make cabling better with braided, but they missed the actual issue with the mk3s), nice pads, properly damped all from factory. I would like the stock cups, something about that ugly square plastic I freaking love (actually though, its one of the few things left stock on my mk2s, no paint no nothing)
Mostly legendary for its cost to performance, $100 for the stock cans and $20 in materials produces a headphone that perform far above its weight class. Plus, you know, orthro....
Heh, only pair of AKGs I've heard were rather old, and was a bit ago, so I can't comment.
Jul 24, 2016
While I have a slight knee-jerk reaction to yet another Fostex mod, it probably has enough street cred to generate desirable numbers. Plus the other players have been slowly moving up in price so it'd be nice to have a more affordable option. The question is though, would Fostex go along with it? Because I don't think any of the current modders can push enough inventory to meet Massdrop's needs. It might be interesting to sell a rebadged TxxRP headphone plain but with a modding kit with a usual selection of materials. There's a lot of extra logistics around this one though.
On a different note, can we get rid of the AKG K7xx and do one based on the K612pro instead? It's a better headphone =P