Dec 5, 201783 views

What's your favourite music download site

I'm a newbie into the audiophile community and I'm looking for a way to download music as MP3 or similar files. I'm currently using normal spotify but I'm looking for a way to transfer my music to local.

Currently running a pair of Cooler Master Master Pulse (I know it's a pair of gaming headphones but it's got rich bass so I'm fine with it for now. Looking to get a pair of AD900X or M50-X). Also running on a pair of Edifier R1700 Bookshelf speakers.

Please help out guys! It would be much appreciated.

I am pretty sure typing in what you want in google will get you to a site that you can DL it from. It should give you illegal and legit options, you didn't specify
As an audiophile, I either buy-and-rip to flac/wav or if the artist does not offer a lossless download I don't bother with their music at all.
Tidal is my source for music. You can DL tracks or albums as flac or mp3. They also offer a student discount that cuts the cost in half.