SteelSeries ARCTIS 9X

There has been a lot of great headsets and even steelseries products to come through, would anyone be willing to guide me on how to get a backing in console gaming headsets? I was hoping for more towards the Xbox side but i'm willing to work on doing headsets for PlayStation as well. I just don't have one. If they've already got some high fidelity headsets for Xbox on sight and I haven't seen them please direct me to wear I can find them. I mostly see things for PC.
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Get an audio headphone that comes with a single entry 3.5mm replaceable cable and a V-moda BoomPro. Console gaming is just about the only reason I still own a Phillips X2... they are harder for find these days but were less than $100 recently. The sennheiser x drop collab on here is also a good option. The Tech community is where this stuff used to live but didn't have enough support so they killed it.