Headphone recommendation (HD6xx vs HE4xx vs K7xx)

After spending several days of research i came up to... nothing. Especially since the descriptions differ quite a lot. One example is that some people describe the HD650 as warm and bassy, and these people seem the audiophiles that are used to neutral reference headphones. On the other hand other people find that the HD650 isn't like that.
And with that in mind I'm reaching out here to hopefully also get some answers from here and hopefully get a bit more clarity.
This will be my first mid quality headphone, and I will use it for listening to mainly metal and electro music, and also use it for gaming. I like good clarity I'm the treble but is very sensitive to overly high levels of it. Because if my preferred music genres I also like a good amount of sub bass, and while I don't want it to muddy or drown things out too much i sometimes love to crank it up.
Worth mentioning is that i plan to buy an amp for about 100-200$ regardless of which headphone i settle on.
With these preferences, what headphone do you think will suit me the most? I already joined the drop on the HD6XX but I'm a bit worried that i will expect the wrong thing out of them? Am I F*cked?
Thank you in advance for your answers

Apr 5, 2019
The HD 6XX is an amazing set of cans if you're interested in enjoying music. I listen to music with them for hours and days at a time. Very musical and enjoyable warm sound. Great detail and imaging in the mids and highs. Also super comfortable after you've worn them for a week of two.
Mar 3, 2019
old audio guy, the hd6xx amazing. Iam texting freinds and family about these cans.
Feb 15, 2018
I've got both the HE4XX and the HD650. The HE4XX is awesome with good live recordings, sub-bass ambient sounds can be super immersive. It really feels like you're there! On the other hand, I can't listen to normal modern recordings for very long due to ear fatigue. The HD650 on the other hand just sounds right as DimaG said. If I just want to enjoy music, HD650 are my winners hands down. I didn't understand what musicality meant before I compared these two headphones thoroughly. The HD650 sounded boring to begin with, but they are really growing on me and are now my favorite pair of headphones. If you were to compare them to cars, the HE4XX would be a Lotus Elise and the HD650 a Mercedes Benz S 63 AMG.
Apr 24, 2018
Love my pair of HD6XX! Yes at first they sounded a bit boring but now I can't go back to my AKG K550 lol. Just love the clarity and smoothness these cans reproduce.
Dec 14, 2017
I own the HE 4xx for less than a day, and unless you have experince with really high end headphones and amps, id say just get the HE 4xx, best bang for your buck. They are also planar magnetic, but ive been able to listen to them with my phone (HTC 10) without much loss. the HTC dac amp is pretty good for a phone.
Jan 10, 2018
Actually the dragonfly black is enough
Dec 7, 2017
As someone who owns all 3 knowing what I now if I had to pick it would be the HE4XX. If you factor in sound, price, comfort, and build quality the HE4XX are the one of the best headphone deals around if not the best deal in headphones anywhere. After switching back and forth to the HD6XX and the HE4XX it makes me realize even more how lacking the HD6XX/650's upper end is. Also, the HE4XX wipes the floor with the HD6XX when it comes to transparency. The HE4XX are not super bass heavy but have damn have damn good low end extension. I would say they hit a little less harder than my HD6XX but not by much.
Apr 3, 2019
How about if one would wish to listen to jazz, classical, and female vocals? Maybe also music like Billy Joel and Journey. I also enjoy movie soundtracks that have a grandiose feel to them like hans zimmer soundtracks. I've heard that 4xx's produces a great soundstage is is great for grandiose scenes, but I've also head great things about vocals on the 6xx so I am torn between these two decisions. I play trumpet myself so I would say i'm moderately accustomed to bright music? Which of the two headphones feel more like clear, brisk, running water to you (sorry for the weird analogy but thats what I envisioned in mind)? Thanks in advance!
Apr 3, 2019
If I had to do it again and only but 1 knowing what I know now I would only get the HE4XX. The detail and separation in the highs are much better than the HD6XX.
Dec 7, 2017
For the best sub-bass, get a planar magnetic.
Dec 7, 2017
HD6XX + Schiit Loki = subbass covered if you wish. I just got done with borrowing a coworkers HD6XX for the past few days and REALLY enjoyed it (modded TH-X00PH are my most favorite cans). I had no issues with the bass as is on the HD6XX, fits the phones sound profile nicely. I will say the DAC/amp selection I use is a little beyond basic entry level though, and does brings out bass nicely in headphones. Not sure how the experience would be on a more entry level setup, but I do know the HD6XX can sound VERY lovely.
Would not recommend the K7XX, most boring, flat sounding headphone I have listened to, and much more 'veiled' than the HD6XX. Sold it after 1 month of trying to like it. I didn't have my current setup then though, not sure how much they could improve with it...
No experience with the HE4XX.
Dec 6, 2017
Haven't heard the K7xx but I do own both an HE-400i (same as HE4XX) and recently a Sennheiser HD6XX. I'll try to break it down to categories: Tonal balance: HE-400i: Generally flat with emphasized highs, bordering on "sparkly". HD6XX: Flat with a slight emphasis on mid-highs, and a slight emphasis on the entire low spectrum. Speed/transient response: HE-400i: Smooth, realistic, especially with good recordings. HD6XX: What you'd expect from dynamic drivers. Generally pleasant film-like portrayal. Musicality/ambiance: HE-400i: Little, rather lacking, plenty of detail to feed on though. HD6XX: Very musical, immersive.
Overall experience: HE-400i: Smooth-sounding due to the planar-magnetic drivers, well-extended on both sides and tremendously detailed to the point it can be overwhelming, much thanks to its treble extension. Similar to one buying a Schiit Vali 2 to get "what tubes are about", I bought these to discover what planar-magnetic headphones are about, and these immediately tell you the story. On the negative side, these are considered entry level on the planar catalog and it's easy to hear why: They lack musicality, and as a result, immersion. Occasionally they can also sound artificial (genre-dependent). HD6XX: Overall flat, inviting and smooth (in the presentation sense), these have the "this sounds right" sound signature. They are musical, a quality unheard-of in this price segment, and a few songs into an album with these gets you understanding what "immersive sound" is about. The so-called "legendary" status these cans adore is very well deserved, having compared them to my own Shure SE846 and coming out astonished on how close the sound is. On the negative side, the whole-sounding character can get boring. One could also ask for further extension on the bass (considering these are dynamic drivers), and the pleasant, occasionally intimate sound isn't for everyone.
All of the above is obviously very subjective, but if I had to recommend either, I would only need to ask what were your previous headphones. If you've never listened to something from the $500 territory, the HD6XX is the next step. If you already had a taste of high-end (and don't let audiophiles bullshit you, $500 was and is still, high-end), never heard planars and want something new and exciting, the HE4XX is the right direction, but be prepared to upgrade in a couple of years because they are more of an expo than a whole package.
Dec 5, 2017
Yeah, the HD6XX isn't meant for the tightest, most impactful subbass around. Actually, neither is the K7XX. I think you'd do best with a HE4XX