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The New SRPC03J1

It's sold out everywhere, I even checked with a buddy in Japan. They sold out within 2 days of being released it seems. Thought I'd finally found my perfect dress watch.

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Watch is too small for my 8 inch wrist...hopefully the price doubles or triples like it did with the blue version.
The subtle and understated details on the dial is amazing.
Got mine
My watch is shipping from Japan tomorrow! Pretty excited.
Congrats on landing one Keth!
I recommend ive dealt with Seiya-san for years, and he and his family that run the site are marvelous. They have a number of the Presage in stock, and may be able to find other items if you contact them.
Cheers, and it’s great to see Seiko getting some love...
Anyone know the recipes for the Hisashi Kishi cocktails that inspired these dials? Starlight and Sakura Fubuki?
The watch comes with this recipe card, in Japanese:
These are the pages on the lineup from Seiko:
And press info on the Starlight and Sakura release:
I don't often have occasion to wear a dress watch, but if I did I'd have a Seiko. You made an awesome choice on this one!
I have a thing for blue watches and this may be my choice...
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Thanks too! I like all of Seiko's enameled (and lacquered for that matter) dial watches. The Anniversary chronographs from a few years ago are especially cool.
"I don't often have occasion to wear a dress watch"
Same here. Actually, my more pressing problem would be that I'd have to buy a suit. 😕
I have a 39-mm roman-numeraled, white-faced Seiko automatic that I bought here that is dressy enough, although not super thin. I have it on a camo NATO now for a bit of ironic incongruity, but if I put it on the original black fake croc leather deployant strap, it's pretty dressy looking.
Just pre ordered the JDM version.
Love that subtle decorated dial
Would look stunning IRL.
It'd not sold out, I just preordered mine from rakuten.
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You have to use the Japanese model number SARY089... the site I ordered from is now sold out..
and you won't find it anymore in the global rakuten site, but if you go to the japanese rakuten site, some vendors like nanaple who also operate in the global site still have it.. so they might take your order. Worst case if you're really desperate order through a proxy like buyee or zenmarket - I've done that before in the past. Here's the nanaple page - still available as of this post.. no guarantees by the time you visit. Make haste.... :)
I ordered from another importer 2 days ago, the Japanese site says it won't ship to the US. So sadly I'm on the hook for $400.
The Blue face "Starlight" SRPC01 released on Nov. 17, and did indeed sell out quite quickly. Seiko's press release indicates that the White face "Sakura" SRPC03 won't be released until January 12, 2018 though, but who knows about any international availability truthfully. Might still have a crack at one....
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Now if Seiko would just put sapphire over that beautiful face. Appreciate the help.
Agreed! I also wish they would put in a 6R15 along with the sapphire.
That face is killer.