Dec 5, 2017

Any interest in getting some Tamron gear up here?

I don't have a ton to add other than that! Tamron's been making some bomb ass lenses lately, from their new 70-200 2.8 G2, their 150-600 G2, their upcoming 100-400mm, which so far looks amazing, to their 24-70 and their APS-C travel superszoom 18-400. Tamron's really been knocking it out of the park, and i'd love to see some Tamron love here! It seems like it's almost all Sigma and first party stuff!
tom.benedict and guy-person

I just bought the current version Tamron 90mm this year. It was actually a replacement for a 1990s vintage Tamron 90mm SP AF. Been very happy with the new lens, 90mm has been my preferred lens for photographing my watches.
It would be a worthy drop, even though I would not participate for obvious reasons.
I'd love to get the Tamron macro lens here, I've been seriously eying the 90mm! How is it for portraiture?
I am afraid the only portraits I have taken with it this past year have been of watches! The 1990's Tamron SP AF I used prior to this did take some good portraits, but it was terribly slow to focus in use. A subject could get bored and walk away in the time it would lock focus sometimes. Definitely no issues with that in the modern lens. I have not even really tried out the image stabilization handheld yet. I did put it to use during the solar eclipse back in August on a spare D80 body where I shot a time-lapse series with it.
Here is some watch shots I took with the Tamron 90mm "017" model. I used a Nikon D7000 body with all of these.



There is an extension tube involved on that last photo of the Junghans.