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In-Ear headphones with a punch?

I used to use Razer hammerhead pro v2's as my daily driver, but they broke, which is a common problem. They had a great bass and I loved them. Does anybody know of some earbuds with strong bass and overall good sound? I would use them for gaming and music equally. Anything under $150 please.

I personally found the Massdrop x MEE Audio Pinnacle PX's to be rather punchy and they are being dropped right now too!
RHA MA750s are good (my daily drivers). They sound good, have decent punch, and look good, and go over-ear (I like the over-ear cable routing style more). They also make a wireless version. Check them out
Senheisser Momentums are really fun, very cheap too
Thinksound TS03
I will check them out, thanks!
shure 215
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lol, hell no. ETYs are made to be neutral sounding, not Shure IEMs.
They are neutral but have punchy base due to the foam isolation. Which is what this dude wants. ETYs are for studio professionals.