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Sub 100$ amp/dac

Hey guys, I am looking to buy an amp/dac for under 100$ but just over is fine. If you guys can give me some suggestion that would be great.
Thanks All
gasmaskdude and alexu6446

The schiit fulla 2 is not bad, and it gets recommended a lot in this price range. I would also look at the fiio q1. It uses a line driver/headphone amp IC for output (max97220), whereas the fulla 2 uses lmh6643, which are generally reserved for low-power applications. Nwavguy doesn't think they're appropriate for audio, and you can read his (brief) comments here (use ctrl+f):
That said, people generally like the fulla 2, so clearly it doesn't make that big a difference.
Hi there
I would say the Schiit Fulla 2 would be great and $99 it gets rave reviews and is bang on budget I imagine you won't need more than that.
What headphones you using?
I have a pair of DT 990 premium 250 ohm, thinking about getting the Senheiser HD 6XX, or the Audio Technica ADH AD900x.