Looking for 18350/cr123 ish sized EDC flashlight
~$50 for price I'm looking for a better(smaller) EDC light that I can more easily bring to work when my pockets are pretty full as is. For reference I have an Eagletac D25LC2 clicky, I love a lot about it, the moonlight "secret" low mode is great to start at in low light, and the medium level is just right in my opinion. One of the biggest boons for it is the pocket clip, and size...which is great for an 18650 light but not quite small enough for me most of the time. Anyways, if there's one must beyond it being small around 18350/cr123 battery size, it's that it have a neutral white LED, not a fan of the cool white...also a deep carry pocket clip as I don't like my eagtac light's tail sticking out. As I'd be using this at work(IT crawling under desks, etc.) max throw isn't the absolute most important thing, but I would like it to be decent. Beyond that here's a few preferences that boost value to me: -A nice really low "moonlight mode" ~1 lumen or less and if possible to start on this mode -reverse clicky switch(like half clicks for swapping modes) -orange peal(textured) reflector -non convoluted mode switching....features are nice, no reason I have to memorize a Swiss army computer of options If it has a magnetic tailcap I better be able to remove that magnet as I could see that bothering me.


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