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What wifi music systems do you use?

I listen to music pretty much from internet stations like spotify, youtube music etc using wifi phone/laptop and using wireless headsets. But looking at various comments on drop, I feel I am obviously missing something. I do not think I want to go back to CDs and wired systems. What are the some really good wireless music systems I should look at? I am ok with cost in few thousand USD.
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Dec 24, 2019
Spotify's highest quality setting is honestly extremely good - some people may be willing to pay the premium for Tidal, but even with the equipment I have, Spotify is satisfactory. If you want good wireless systems, try something with an LDAC connection (like a Topping DX3, D50s, etc) or a wifi streaming solution - the Chromecast audio has been discontinued, but is still available in lots of places, and sounds great as the source for a good amp.
Dec 14, 2019
I use my Topping DX3 Pro as a digital receiver and pre-amp to stream TIDAL from my iPhone via the Bluetooth connection (44.1 / 16 bit i.e. CD quality). The DX3 is connected to my integrated amp, so I can then play music via my speakers or headphones.
Jan 5, 2020
I also came across Dynaudio Xeo 2 wireless. Seems to be equivalent to KEF LSX. I will go hear them and then decide. Though I missed the sale on KEFs.
I've not listened to the Xeo but I do like Dynaudio designs... should be a good option for an audition.
A streamer with bluetooth would treat you right from a wireless source front to a traditional stereo/home theater. Stuff like Bluesound Node or the amplified version to drive passive speakers work well on the cheaper front. If you want a fully wireless solution(speakers, source, amp and app) the KEF LSX or LS50 wireless are good options (800 to 2200). Higher end wireless sources would be something like Matrix Element M/X, Mytek Brooklyn Bridge, Auralic Altair/Aries and Ifi iDAC Pro
Feb 17, 2020
Why are subwoofers so expensive?
Big drivers with big magnets, high power amps, DSP and an overly built box to keep vibrations down. I always recommend to "buy once, cry once" on subs. Never had a friend complain of too much sub, definitely had some "go cheap" and then complain about too little.
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