What happened to Drop Outdoors?

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Dec 12, 20191385 VIEWS
Drop used to provide a great range of low priced outdoor equipment. In the past I have picked up great bargains on fleece, jackets, hats often provided by name manufacturers such as OR, Rab, marmot and the like. This has really contracted in the last few months. I get that the profit margin on overstock items from large manufacturers is low and that Drop is a business, not an organisation designed to provide me with variety. I also get that the profit on in-house development is high - the massdrop x-mid being an example of a high quality and really well selling product. That said, I have to lament the lack of range of produce evidence lately - really is little reason for me to even browse. if it wasn't for the watch community, and my watch collecting interests, I wouldn't even look at Drop anymore.
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Apr 22, 2020
"if it wasn't for the watch community, and my watch collecting interests, I wouldn't even look at Drop anymore."

Apr 5, 2020
I’m with Wily. A decided lack of variety. Especially for UL community.
Feb 19, 2020
Concur. I used to get emails that at least related to outdoor products I might be interested in. Now its basically spam for knives, knives and more knives flashlights and headphones.
Feb 15, 2020
Yup. I just unsubscribed. I am sick of seeing knives and things to pick locks and headphones. It was always irritating as a woman before too to see all the men only clothing
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Feb 20, 2020
I just checked - the Rab Kinetic plus jacket is the only garment in the Outdoors that has a female cut. Clearly women don't engage in outdoors activities....
Feb 20, 2020
Or we are small men 😛
are you linked to those categories?... if not you shouldn't get anything non-related to your selections [tags] if they're spamming you contact the HEAD of the whole project and demand cease&desist and for them to FIX IT so you still get mail for what you're interested in... if they don't do it go viral with it online... spammers businesses fail daily. mine seems OK... make sure for any reason the site didn't bot you or algo you onto other tags...
Dec 31, 2019
I stopped getting emails in October right after my last purchase and I thought they had dropped me. Looks like they just dropped the stuff I liked to buy. I am very happy with all the gear I purchased in the 2 years before Massdrop changed to Drop. I see nothing right now that interests me.
Dec 27, 2019
Hard agree, I'm glad I got good deals on gear I needed when I could, but I consider Drop emails as spam these days. I don't care about knives, headphones, or keyboards :\
Dec 21, 2019
yes sad to see, the outdoor gear is a ghost of it's past which is a shame, the group buys got people interested and drove discussion. A bummer it has gone down hill. Hopefully they follow their buyers discussions
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Dec 21, 2019
Good point. The discussion was great shared knowledge of some of the equipment.
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