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Coin collectors

Are there enough coin collector hobbyists to make a drop for a coin collectors' set?
Cie Exley, Zer0snyper, and 6 others

I was hoping for a kit to start / continue coin collecting, like a numis coin album with some pages. Something like https://www.coins-stamps.com.au/coin-collecting-kit.html
Ok will start a poll and I'll research more options. I'll share the poll later today and we can go from there. We need a hashtag to support our cause. Going to suggest #girdyourcoins.
I've been looking for a nice coin collector kit. I'd be in for one.
You have me for one.
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I think the best option for us is to make a poll. If we get enough voters, I think we can make a case for some coin collector drops.
What are you hoping for as a drop?