Dec 10, 2017294 views

Massdrop Exclusive Spyderco Knives

I think the Massdrop exclusive Delica was a little bit too ambitious in execution. It would have been a fantastic model Delica, but I think the price was slightly prohibitive for some. I would like to suggest a new Massdrop "exclusive." Something much more attainable for everyone's budget.
The Ladybug Salt Hawkbill with black FRN handle and black DLC coated H1 blade. There was already an exclusive Ladybug model released for the website USN (Usual Suspects Network) with toxic green handles and DLC coated blades and they looked great. In my opinion, a fully blacked out model would look just as awesome, if not better!
Would anyone else like to see and all black Ladybug Salt hawkbill? Maybe with enough interest, Massdrop might catch wind of the interest and take some action? Wishful thinking, I'm sure!

pastanley, EaTALoT10, and 4 others

I would buy several of these! I'd love to have the USN toxic green set but I'm not willing to pay the current market value which is more than anybody paid for it new.
Love the thought of EDC for foodies! Regarding the all black Ladybug Salt hawkbill, this is a very small knife, the Dragonfly is very usable, very easy to carry.