Dec 10, 2017

Quality non animal products?

I'd much rather buy a worn, second hand leather jacket at a thrift shop...
As I move forward in my career and age, I find myself looking for subltly fashionable items like breifcases over backpacks, high(er than I'm used to) end materials, fabrics and designs, and even tech to a certain degree. The only issue I have is spending my money towards something I want to keep for the forseeable future. Tech, to a certain degree can be future proofed, but clothes wear and tear with time.
So while I understand the durability and commercial availability of certain animal products, leather, fleece, down, etc., I'm not sure I feel comfortable purchasing newly manufactured products with said animal materials. I'd much rather buy a worn, second hand leather jacket at a thrift shop (still working on finding one near me,) than get new leather and have to break it in...
I don't know if this is just something I'm interested in right now, but I'm sure there's a movement towards non animal/vegan fashion material like jackets, bags, wallets, etc. I've only seen a few but if anyone knows more, I'd love to be part of a drop or two so I can get more things to my slowly building "adult wardrobe."

I agree that i'd love to see more vegan / non-animal clothing here. Massdrop's audience seems like they'd love technical stuff or suprima cotton, neither of which I've seen much of here.
I know...I'd really love a drop on some of the things I listed as well as others. But I guess I can only hope.
I don't mind if there's no positive feedback but I just want constructive criticism. Just saying.