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Which headphones/earphones are you guys using daily?

Looking to pick up some new gear so I am looking for ideas.

Kennerton Vali + Mojo for real listening (mostly FLAC and DSD) AKG K701 + iMac and/or Mojo at work V Sonic GR07 + Pixel for commutes V Sonic GR07 + Mojo while traveling
I’m somewhat new to all this but I must say reading most of the posts here has been equally educational and fascinating. I think I’m still at that place where it’s more about the music than striving for pristine sound quality though
Apple AirPods at work or while driving to work. I receive loads of calls and and there’s no turning back after this much of convenience. Not audiophile grade though. For travelling on trains , buses and planes it’s the QC35 atm. But am considering Bowers and Wilkins PX. At home , the Audioquest Nighthawk paired up with a Chord MoJo or Element. I also have both red and black dragonflies. Placed an order for the 6XX but shipping’s due only in March.
Koss Porta-Pro for travel/daily and AKG 7XX / Sennheiser HD 6XX for home. I am VERY pleased with the sound quality I'm hearing - THANK you Massdrop!
I'm using either my HD 650's or HE-4XX's at my desk, and Massdrop x MEE Audio Pinnacle PX's everywhere else. I am super happy with my setup.
1More Triple Drivers for work and a 6xx pair for home (with Denon classic stereo amp and a Sonos Play. Alternatively, I use my Cabasse reference speakers if I don't feel obligated to stay quiet for the neighbors. The open headphones sound very natural but are terrible for an open office plan where everyone has to use noise canceling cans to shut out the noise. Hence the iEMS at the office.
I've got my THX00 Ebonies on right now with the ZMF Pads and a Micca Origen +. Looking to upgrade soon to either the NFB 11 or R2R 11 from Audio-GD. I love these cans, especially with these pads
My Shure 535's are my current dailies. I use them about 8 hours a day and really enjoy the isolation, comfort and sound quality. At home, I've been using my HE-4XX a lot more for movies/gaming and have really been enjoying them. Prior to that, I was normally using my Senn 579's for everything as they're just so damn comfortable and lightweight.
I have some Shure 846's on order so I can't wait to put them through their paces. Currently in the market for a higher-end open-back. Been eyeing the Mr Speakers Aeon Flow or the Shure 1840's as I've heard nothing but good things about them.
I really like my RBH HP2s and I tend to use them most of the time since they are closed and don't disturb anyone. When I game I use the open back SHP9500S. They are also cool comfortable and rock and classical sounds great with adequate soundstage.
Grado Headfi2, Rs2e, HD580, AKG240 Sextett EP, AKG K1000... You you wanna enter the HIFI world, a pair of HD6xx will do.
I just ordered the 6XX to have Sennheisers on hand. I am love with it's sound signature.
I've been bouncing around, between a pair of Beyerdynamic DT990s, Audio-Technica A900x, and AKG K240s. The DT990s are great for sound, but the clamping force is a little much for my head, and driving it properly has been a real problem. The A900x sound the best by far, but I find they get pretty warm after an hour or two... And the K240s are the most comfortable with the aftermarket pads I have, but the sound is mediocre at best. So I picked up a set of the NuForce EDCs that're there now, and I'm hoping they'll cover me for everything from here out.
I have V-Moda M100s and Oppo PM-3 and I use the Oppos much more often. Funnily enough, I feel the bass hits harder on the Oppos, although the V-Modas are bassheavy. But what do you have and what do you listen to?
Akg 553 for my at home listening. This is a really comfortable headphone. The only reason that it stays at home is that the cable is not detachable and it’s really long. Bose qc35 when I’m traveling. Mee audio m6 for working out.
It really depends on your use case and your sound preference.
My daily use revolves around 3 pairs now: modded TH-X00 PH for work music listening, Modded SHP9500 for gaming and Youtube (don't game every day, or most days even), and ever since they came in last week - the Koss ESP950 for home music listening.
K7XX for netflix/youtube, HD6XX and Dt770 for most music (which one depends on genre) and I also have the Dt880 that I use for mixing audio. Shure se215 are my main gym pair and the 1more quad drivers are for music when I'm not at my desk (which isn't often tbh)
HD6XX is my daily driver. I listen to it basically all day at work. It's a legend for a reason.
Beyer Dynamic DT 770, Audioquest Nighthawk, V Moda M100s, Audeze Sine, Beyer Dynamic T1 second gen.
Vmoda crossfade bluetooh for the commute, th-x00 for desk listening And a pair of Apple AirPods for conference calls
Phlips SHP9500 has been my daily cans for a few weeks now. Haven't even modded the pads.
Grado SR325e's are my daily drivers.
Shure SE 215 is the best bang for buck in ear monitors. Great for noise isolation and great sound quality, build quality is good but they are very delicate. I do use them at the gym but just be careful. Over ear out door listening- Vmoda m100/LP2 if you like pop,edm,dance, hip hop If you like all types of music : Audio technica ATH m40x/ m50x personally i like the 40s better. Indoor over ear openback- The only one i have is the HE- 4xx, best pair of headphones ive ever owned.
I commute a lot right now, so a pair of IEMs with good isolation is a blessing. I'm currently using the Shure SE215m+. They're a good budget pair that can handle a beating.
ath m30xs and fucking regret buying them . most uncomfortable pair ever made (i have big head)
Using Beyerdynamic Dt 770 for a closed back, and the phillips SHP9500 for an open back pair. Though if you have such a problem with highs then maybe any beyerdynamic product wont be suitable for you. Though the phillips are amazing. And they are super cheap even, 69 dollar on amazon. But trust me they sound as good as the DT 770 (which are 170 dollar).
It's mainly just aggressive highs, and it's after a while that it begins to be uncomfortable. And if they are closed back I won't be wearing for long periods like I would with open backs. I would be using closed backs on the go, where as open backs are what I where at home for hours at a time.
I do field recording so I lean toward monitor headphones, which have as flat a response as possible. They tend to make music sound blah, but they're the right tool for the job when monitoring a recording session. The rest of my family uses Audio Technica ATH-M40X. I admit the bass is a vast improvement for music, but I'm used to my monitors.
It seems like alot of people like a fairly neutral sound signature, but for me I like a bit more bass and mids. I find that if the highs are too agressive my ears start to hurt after a while.
Vmodas M100 might be your best bet.