Massdrop CTRL Keyboard Switch Removal

I was wondering if I am removing switches correctly or am I putting them in wrong. I have a problem changing switches as they are extremely hard to take out. Is it because of my method of pulling them out wrong or could it be the way I am putting the switches in? I place the switches in by aligning the pins and the holes of the PCB and then pushing the switch down with my thumb. I take the switches out using the given switch remover the keyboard comes with by aligning the grips of the removal tool on the top and bottom of the switch and pulling them directly up. This is where I take issue, most of the switches take an absurd amount of force to pull them out so is there something wrong with what I am doing?
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Dec 15, 2019
make sure that you are depressing the latch that holds the switch in. i just replaced my Cherry browns with Holy Pandas and i had to stretch the removal toll a bit to make sure i was pressing the latch in, also may need to apply more squeeze force to depress the latch but once you do it pulls out relatively easy. hops this helps. here is a youtube vid that might help: