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Gaming headsets

Below 30 dollars please
AlexPk and carlxia

Really aren't any standout headsets in that price range. As others are mentioning, at that price point you're better off adding a mic to what you already have, or even starting with a decent set of headphones like the Monoprice 8323 and adding a cheapo mic.
I'd say get some decent headphones like the Monoprice 8323's and a cheap mic off amazon. That and a clip-on or desk mic should be around $30.
Another budget option for mic is the Sony Lavalier mic https://www.amazon.com/Sony-ECMCS3-Omnidirectional-Stereo-Microphone/dp/B0058MJX4O. That price range won't get you much with a full gaming headset.
any earbuds with mic that cost 20-30 will work for gaming.
At that price range for headsets, you'll really be getting what you pay for, and not in a good way. I second getting a mic for headphones you already own.
V-moda BoomPro is right on your budget and an alternative to the Modmic if your existing headphones are compatible (removable cable with 3.5mm jack).
Pretty tight budget. Would probably be better off getting something like the Modmic and strapping it to a pair of headphones you already own.