am i wasting my time?
i am a quilter, and love to cook. Have you discontinued all the fabric and sewing supplies? if so, then the only thing i would be looking at is cooking, pots and pans, coffee pots and stuff like that. if not, then please do not send me anything more.
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so i am not the only one that has one less way to spend our money.
Jan 13, 2020
I really miss this knitting and quilting communities. My wife is a knitter, spinner, and quilts on the side. I was so nice when mass drop used to carry stuff for those hobbies. I was able to get such good gifts for her. That was my biggest reason for coming to drop as well.
no i am talking about receiving merchandise and items listings that i might want to peruse and purchase at great prices
Are you talking about email updates?
no, i quickly peruse the listings and find multiple knives, wallets and belts, but no merchandise like fabric, scissors etc
Yeah. Drop stopped supporting the quilting community and drops related to fabric, scissors, etc. A while ago