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Nice denim that *doesn't fade quick*

Hey guys,
I love jeans, and I've joined two denim drops on Massdrop, in addition to some of my other pairs. Something i've noticed is that Massdrop chooses, and advertises, the fast fade of a lot of their jeans, including their two upcoming ones. For me, this is a HUGE reason to *NOT* buy these jeans! I do everything I possibly can to keep my jeans unfaded and uniform. I work at a business casual / comfortable environment, and nice jeans are ok! Faded jeans *aren't*; aside from that, I find faded jeans pretty ugly. Is there any chance that Massdrop's going to go for some jeans that are weft dyed or are less likely to fade? For that matter, am I the only guy who isn't into faded jeans?
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Definitely hear you there, PraxisCat. Honestly, as much as a lot of denim lovers like to boast their fades and search for pairs that will chip away indigo fast and create great contrast lines, unless you're giving your pairs a true workout by putting them thru the ringer (a.k.a. doing more than just sitting at a desk or hang around casually) the fades will take some considerable time. A good solution to the fear of quick fades is to look into overdyed indigo denim, where the indigo has been permeated into the fabric a lot more than your average pair, or even an indigo warp/indigo weft dark blue denim that will keep its dark indigo look for a lot longer. The other solution, which is not much of good solution but it's there for you is to wash your jeans before wearing them or early on; just regular wash on your washing machine. That kinda sets in the indigo onto the fabric and prevents you from creating the contrast fade lines that overtime (and after a few later washes) turn into your fade pattern.
I definitely have one pair of beaters that i'm trying to fade and over time wear as a lighter color denim; and a pair that i keep crispy and only wear out as a dressier (and darker) pair... i don't do much with that one other than maybe go out to eat, movies, etc -- activities that won't break it in that much and keep it looking pretty dark indigo.
Hope that made sense!
Thanks for the feedback, Thomas, it's really appreciated! Do yo have any idea where I could find a quality pair of overdyed / warp & weft dyed indigo or black denim jeans?
No problem.
A bit of an older article, but Heddels had a list of some of their favorite overdyed denims a while back:
You can also check out our friends at Naked & Famous -- their shop is called Tate & Yoko and it has a site with all their new stuff and some other Japanese brands as well:
I agree, for the same reason: crisp dark denim can go places faded/distressed jeans can't. I think the closest thing I've seen on MD was the Red Cotton Denim drop they had a while back.