Headphones to pair with my Dragonfly Black

Hey guys! I own the Dragonfly Black, and I’m looking for a new pair of on ear / over the ear headphones. im looking for closed back headphones to use when I’m traveling or when I’m at the gym. my budget is 100-150$

Thanks a lot!

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For what you are doing with them, and need a closed-back, try the Fostex Dekoni Blue. It's a partial closed-back. I was able to turn them into fully closed-back by putting a strip of gorilla tape over the openings...but I think the isolation without doing that is very adequate. Light weight but with good "clamp" to stay on the head, nice sound sig.....I think you won't be wrong to purchase them. I've a review on that Drop page...as do several others. Close enough to your price range, I think. And I think they look pretty good, the plastic housing will be more excercise-proof than pricier, more organic offerings. I'm not sure if the pads will be what you want but I got a spare pair with mine and the pads are easy to come by in various materials. ......and I like the way they sound. You will want to check if the drop is still active, request it if it's not. Check ebay for a listing of them. There's a wooden-backed version available for a bit more money....I think that would be less amenable to your use with excercise. So few people use OTE 'phones at the gym! Mostly IEMs.... Force be with you! ;)
Dec 28, 2019
You use the 80ohms version? I don’t know if the Dragonfly Black could do a good job
Dec 28, 2019
It probably would do a good job with the 80ohm version, but I actually bought the 32ohm version myself.