Dec 15, 2017817 views

DAC AMP to go with HifiMan HE 4XX Planers

Purchased the HifiMan HE4XX planers and would like recommendation for dac/amp under $250 if possible. This is a xmas gift so timing is starting to feel constrained.
m karl

Hey thanks. I think I will try the SMSL M7 and have added a little dot for amplification. This can get expensive fast.
Using an S.M.S.L. M6 at the moment and it's doing just fine. Have it connected to a Chromecast Audio via optical for streaming Spotify or tidal. Have an AUNE X1S on the way as well which I'm excited to try out.
I'm personally using a Schiit Modi 2 Uber ($149) and a Little Dot I+ (~$100) w/ a pair of GE JAN 5654W tubes (on Amazon for $17.99 a pair). If you don't want tubes then the Schiit Magni 3 is also good choice.