Dec 17, 2017

Best easy pie crusts...

Hi Bakers and Chefs.....curious if anyone has some good tips on EASY pie crusts from scratch. Truth be told, I come up with some really tasty ingredients for the fillings....but always feel like I am cheating since I buy the ready made pie crusts. When I've tried to make a proper crust from scratch, it never comes out right. Tends to be a bit too dry, which then leads to the crust breaking up/not staying together. I'd love to hear some tips, be it a specific ingredient you use with the crust, the ideal temperature you use, a ceramic dish vs. a metal dish, etc. Like I said, my pies become crisps or crumbles with no crust on the would love some guidance.
kstokley, ltopper, and 3 others

I roll on a piece of linen or a tea towel I keep in the freezer. I also put my flour in the freezer. I roll from the center and pull then return to the center and push. Rotate 1/4 and repeat. I also use a French rolling pin which is great for working the end around the dough in making it round. I bet there is a video you YouTube by Kate McDermott.
Couple of thoughts:
1) Serious Eats has a pretty good "easy" pie dough crust that I tend to default to (though it requires a food processor):
2) Game changer for me was rolling out the dough between two big sheets of parchment paper - it is such a good idea on so many levels. You don't have to flour any surfaces which means you don't dry out the dough, you don't make a huge mess with flour everywhere in your kitchen, and you can peel off the top sheet and easily transfer the crust to wherever you want it.
3) Assuming you've let the dough chill for an hour (or overnight or whatever) before rolling out, give it a couple of minutes out of the fridge before you start rolling. And go slowly when you start rolling out - and recognize that the dough will crack, but you can always push it back together.
Kate Mc Dermott has written a book called Art of Pie. I recommend this and if you can take her class. It is life changing! Everything is better with Pie!