How do I setup my HD58X properly?

Greetings, I just got my new headphones today, but I have the feeling they don't sound as good as the should. Are there some Windows settings I need to change or something? I have an amp (the SoundblasterX G6.) Maybe I need to tweak my amp settings? Or maybe I need to use some EQ settings? I'm not really an expert. Thank you

Jan 5, 2020
Thank you guys for all the replies, turns out I wasn't using high gain and also my amp settings were kinda wrong, or as you say, not the right ones for me ;) It is fine now and they sound good! :)
Jan 4, 2020
The 58x is a plug and play headphone by design. Your 58x should run absolutely fine on the G6. I have the same amp and it powers them more than enough with the device set to high gain on the side switch. If you want, you can try messing with the crystalizer and maybe the bass by a little. In EQ you can tone done their hump in the 2k-5k region. Otherwise what you have with them is what you're technically going to get. You definitely do not need to move to a new potentially $400 amp for these as suggested unless you decide to get better headphones. The O2 could be a good upgrade. Doesn't you might not want to EQ them regardless.
Jan 4, 2020
Looks to me, that the “Blaster” has driver issues, time to move up... so many other great choices... budget? ref:

Jan 3, 2020
As sound is subjective, in my opinion, you'll need a more traditional music setup (as opposed to gaming) to get the most out of your 58x. As is with a lot of things these days, there are levels. You'll have to ask yourself if you are okay with something entry level like the MASSDROP O2 + SDAC DAC/AMP or if you want to go straight to the THX AAA 789 (but you'll need a DAC).
Feb 19, 2020
I just picked up the hd58x. Would the heresy and a modi stack be good for these headphones and future headphone purchases?
Apr 22, 2021
I have the hd58x and the same schiit stack with the Magni heresy and Modi 3+. I personally love the combo but keep in mind that I am not an expert audiophile. For the price, I think you can't go wrong with the stack for entry-level at least.