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New Year, New Planner

This is the time of year where I get ambitious about how I'm going to organize my life in the following year and usually spiral down into a deluge of different planners, journaling systems, etc.
I love reading about the way people adapt bullet journaling to their specific needs, but it also seems like so much work. I've also eyed the Hobonichi line of planners for years because of that dreamy dreamy Tomoe River paper. There's also stuff that is intentionally structured to help you move toward certain goals (like Passion Planner, etc). There are just so many options.
How are you going to stay organized in 2018?
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Ok.... So, WHERE Can I get This?? Please & Thank You 😄
I used the Hobonichi Weeks this year and I'm planning to use the original next year.
The Weeks is very nice for keeping goals since I found that it's much easier to set weekly goals. Monthly, I would end up forgetting or procrastinating til the end. Daily, the tasks just feel daunting and I end up not doing them. I also limited myself to no more than 3 tasks per day to maintain a sense of focus.
I'm switching to the original for 2018 so I have a bit more space for random notes and doodles over the course of the day, but I think I might miss the Weeks setup.
Also the Tomoe River paper is sweet!
I use a planner like yours, with Thought For The Week, Goals, Tasks, and a 7 Day Calendar, plus two pages for Notes. I'm actually thinking of making it for publication.
Never been a planning type of person. I just keep it all in my head which has worked out but being me it's not perfect. I do use some apps and Gdocs for creating certain lists and that's the extent of it. I've tried having notepads or books but I never get around to it. And I did see some drops here I liked yet I just knew I wouldn't use them. Sorry I couldn't help. I like chaos. :D
At least your method is more environmentally friendly than mine. I usually end up with cute stack of notebooks and planners that I had ambitious hopes for that never panned out!
oh man, I tried bu jo but got lazy about it...when I do use it, though, it does help! I've just gone by the 101 guide that pops up when you first search for bullet journaling, and have yet to get creative with color-coding, tabs, etc. def gonna be on my 2018 list to be better at!