Tidal; Worth it or not?

I am on day 5 of my free trial for Tidal HiFi.... And I hate it. First, the software is painfully slow to open or respond to commands. Artist pages regularly open to blank pages for a good 1-3 minutes before loading up. *Have tried reinstalling* Playback. No matter what connection I am on, 2.4/5 or hardwired, constant pausing to buffer, MQA are the worst for this. I have exclusive enabled in settings and almost every time a song that MQA transitions to just HiFi or vice versa it seems like the software can't keep up and I'm left throwing my cans off my head due to the garbled mess coming through them. I have even tried running USB from desktop(much more powerful system than laptop) to amp/dac and it's the same. Has anyone else experienced horrid performance from tidal? ** I have ~1.5Gbps down ~900Mbps up. Pretty sure my connection is not the problem 😐
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