Automatic Watch Service Interval/Providers
Hi Everyone! I have recently (throughout 2019) acquired several automatic watches and have been reading about "service intervals" and the like. I was wondering what most of you do (or plan to do) for service on your automatics.
  • Do you have a local watchmaker/repair store that you trust to service your watches?
  • Is it possible to service the timepieces yourself (via YouTube videos/online resources)?
  • Is there a reputable online shop that can provide this service?
  • I've seen numerous shots at Jomashop's service, so I'm guessing that's a resounding NO! for them
I'm guessing for higher end pieces (Omega, Rolex, Zenith, and beyond), it's probably wise to spend the ~$300 on sending it to them or taking it to an authorized dealer for service. What about the many microbrands we see here on MD/Drop that are building watches around the Miyota and unbranded Seiko movements?
  • I've seen the toss/rebuy if the watch is cheap enough (here I'm thinking a lot of the Ingersoll's, Seiko SNK's, etc. we've seen lately)
  • These seems like good watches to take apart yourself and learn from, if you're into that kind of stuff and willing to invest in ($$$ and time)
  • What about mid-grade stuff like Vostok, Melbourne, Hamilton, Tissot, etc.?
  • Is your best bet to go to an authorized dealer for service or take to a local watch shop?
Thanks for your thoughts. I just wanted to get a sense for what resources were available before I get deeper into the rabbit hole and end up with $1000 in services on my $1000 in watches in 5 years.


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