Can anyone recomend a pair of IEM's for skiing? What are some more desirable features?

Characteristics I would suggest:
  • Small shape with form fitting profile to fit in helmet
  • Some level of water resistance and durability
  • Lower cost (Because they will likely get banged up)
  • Higher sound quality
Bluetooth vs Wired with cable controls?
Bluetooth probably requires taking off gloves and getting the phone out. Also battery could be a problem. Wire tugging with the cable could be rather irritating, and controls are usually very basic. It would be great to be able to pause without unzipping anything.

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Jan 10, 2020
I wouldn't want to deal with wires or something that sticks out of the ear. Sabatt E12 Ultra $80 has excelent in-ear fit, some water resistance and a sound tilted towards big open base that is nicely separated. Mids and treble are mediocre though and clearity is meh. Having said that, there should be enough here to get you pumped up. Jaybird Vista also has a secure and mostly flush in-ear fit but has a better balanced sound and full water twice the price of E12s at $180 Finally there is the Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2, which also has some water resistance, very good balanced sound and is about $100, but it does have a stem like iPods which may interfere with the helmet. Also Anker has a really nice app that lets you change EQ settings that stay on the buds. If you can get this one to fit the helm this is probably the best way to go in terms of value. It goes without saying that none of these BT buds sound as good as $30 wired BLON BL-03s, so if you CAN deal with a wire coming down out of the helm you can get superior sound, but for me it's not worth it.
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Best imaging and soundstage headphones for positioning and immersion?
I was looking at He4XX and K7XX mainly, but I was going to use these mostly for gaming and some music, which means overall imaging is the most important, but I also wouldn't want a headphone that's too boring. Thank you for any help. Edit: My previous headphones were Sennheiser G4ME One's, I'd want comparable or better performance.
Jun 20, 2022