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Love the HD 6XX, but one problem ...

pity that they have smaller ear cups than the PC 360's I used before. Within an hour my ears start to hurt a bit. Shouldn't be the case with such expensive headphones imo, but that's how it is. Are there bigger replacement cushions for the HD 650/6XX? I Really like the sound of these headphones and that's the only thing holding me off from truly enjoying them.

I'm having the same problem with my newly purchased HD 6XX. They sound wonderful but the clamping force is a bit much for me, especially at the angle of my jaw. How does one "bend them slightly" without breaking them?
You can bend them a good amount without breaking them. Hold them in two hands on the metal band facing you and very slowly approach the degree that feels barely comfortable as the material will bend itself from wear. So don’t overdo it right away.
Dekoni has a drop for the 6xx pads atm. The sound signature do change base on the pads you choose. Dekoni posted the requency response curve for each of the pads, even though it is for the HD600, still give you a general idea how they differ.
That would really put me off the Sennheiser 6 series if you couldn't use aftermarket earpads. About half the cartilage in my right ear is torn, so any pressure on that ear at all is excruciating. I have to use aftermarket pads. It's not an option. These are the ones I have on my monitors at the moment:
They're wedged to follow the contours of your head and keep the drivers parallel to your ear's pinnae. They're the only pads I've found that keep the drivers from touching my ear at all.
You can, and I just learned there is even a drop for some pads, for quite a sum of money though. I would like to try those you suggest but I have no guarantee if they fit on the Sennheiser 6 series ...
I noticed this as well but for me the main issue was the clamping load. They feel like they are trying to squash my head. There are different ear pads out there. There was even one of massdrop but it sold out fast.
Yeah that was another thing, you can bend them slightly and that made it way better, but I still like it more when the cushions don't touch the ear like it was with the PC 360. I don't know what the effect is soundwise though but for comfort it's great.
Different earpads aren't really recommended for the sennheiser 6__ series, although I haven't tried any personally.
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Not that I'm aware of, no.
Luckily a drop has started for some promising looking pads.