Automatic Watch Service Interval/Providers
Hi Everyone! I have recently (throughout 2019) acquired several automatic watches and have been reading about "service intervals" and the like. I was wondering what most of you do (or plan to do) for service on your automatics.
  • Do you have a local watchmaker/repair store that you trust to service your watches?
  • Is it possible to service the timepieces yourself (via YouTube videos/online resources)?
  • Is there a reputable online shop that can provide this service?
I've seen numerous shots at Jomashop's service, so I'm guessing that's a resounding NO! for them. I'm guessing for higher end pieces (Omega, Rolex, Zenith, and beyond), it's probably wise to spend the ~$300 on sending it to them or taking it to an authorized dealer for service. What about the many microbrands we see here on MD/Drop that are building watches around the Miyota and unbranded Seiko movements?
  • I've seen the toss/rebuy if the watch is cheap enough (here I'm thinking a lot of the Ingersoll's, Seiko SNK's, etc. we've seen lately)
  • These seems like good watches to take apart yourself and learn from, if you're into that kind of stuff and willing to invest in ($$$ and time)
  • What about mid-grade stuff like Vostok, Melbourne, Hamilton, Tissot, etc.?
  • Is your best bet to go to an authorized dealer for service or take to a local watch shop?
Thanks for your thoughts. I just wanted to get a sense for what resources were available before I get deeper into the rabbit hole and end up with $1000 in services on my $1000 in watches in 5 years.

Jan 8, 2020
You could learn to service a watch from YouTube. But you will to buy equipment, and you are likely going to cost yourself a penny during the learning process. For more common movements there is no reason your local shouldn't be able to help you. However, even my local guy sends his Rolex away to get serviced. That said, some people don't like sending there watch to Rolex. Rolex likes to put things back to original in a way that some people feel is over the top or take away from the character or charm of the watch. I know that where I live there are some service centres that have been in business working with luxury vintage watches for decades, with more or less perfect reviews. You might want to find one of these if you choose to pass on sending your watch back to Rolex.
Jan 8, 2020