Dec 21, 2017231 views

Open back Headphones for gaming??

I want to get a pair of openback headphones that ill be using pretty much just for gaming. I want something thats under 100 CAD and ive been looking at the phillips shp9500 and the sennheiser hd 558. What do you guys think??

Ive used a lot of different headphones, havent used any from phillips but i have used the 598's and 6XX and they're great for gaming, i dont see why the 558's would be any different
I highly recommend the Philips SHP9500s (best headphones I own). I've also briefly used the HD558. I didn't get to test the sound of the HD558 much but they have a long cable that requires an adapter if you want to use it in a 3.5mm jack. The SPH9500s are much cheaper and look better imo
Hows the soundstage on the shp9500s??
Great, I use them for music and competitive Overwatch. Instrument seperation is spot in and you can hear locations and footsteps well. The SHP has little to no clamping force (people with big heads love them), that might be a factor that swings your decision