Headphone recommendation for under $500

So after weeks of research, I've decided that I'll get the Toppings D50s DAC with a SP200 AAA-888 amp. I'm pretty sure I want to pair them well a pair of DT1990s, but I'm not entirely sure what other options would be recommended at that price range. I do mix and master music, but that will be secondary to casual listening since I have good speakers. So I'm basically looking for something that will be nice for causal listening to "mostly" bass heavy music and rarely mixing. The Dt1990's seemed to fit that description, but I want to know some other recommendations. Know that this is my first hi-fi headphone purchase and I haven't tried anything myself personally and don't really have the ability to.
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Jan 15, 2020
Whenever recommending at this price point, I almost always go with the Sennheiser 650s or the 6xxs here at Drop. I compare them to Johnny Walker Blue Label for any scotch drinker. There are some people who might want more character out of their scotch, like a bit more peet that the Islays have. But Blue Label is simply pure. There's nothing unique about it, but there are also no impurities, no strange flavors, it's the baseline for what a scotch should be.
Jan 16, 2020
I have 6xxs, now what's my Lagavulin 16? :)