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I'm mainly a gamer and after much consideration I've decided I want to replace my soundblasterx g5. I've had many complaints of keyboard noise while playing and have tried everything I can think of to minimize/negate it but no no avail. As part of my search I found some noise reduction features in the soundblasterx g6 but if I'm going to be spending $150 for one I figured I might as well ask around to see if a better solution could be found for around the same price. I would prefer an all in one solution if possible to pair with my Sennheiser GSP600 at least until I'm ready for an upgrade there as well. Any recommendations are welcome but please provide a case as to why it's better, I would like to use this as a chance to learn more about the audiophile space and what makes a particular solution better. Edit: I should have mentioned that I've noticed that my friends are able to hear things in games that I can not and I suspect this is due to some sort of processing in my g5. Any solution I get should fix this as well.


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