Merry Christmas!

Hopefully everyone and their families are having a wonderful time together.
Also hopefully you or someone else splurged on your behalf and you got some nifty new gear? Santa (and some credit card or another) brought me some spanking new Campfire Audio Vegas. Holy crap they're wonderful. I have a pair of Jupiters and told myself I didn't need anything else....ever. That self of mine rarely listens though. There's nothing these earphones can't do splendidly. The bass on these is just endless, deep and rumbling...but only where and when it's meant to be, and stops on a dime. You'll find layers of sub bass that you never knew was even there. All this awesome power and range and yet a Norah Jones song or Sade will just melt you with clarity and emotion. I have and enjoy most every genre of music you can think of, haven't sampled everything yet but confidence is high.
I learned from many years collecting watches that it's a lot like an addiction, you're always chasing a stronger "high". You start with Invictas and waste quite a bit of money till you're into IWC and Rolex land. I finally grew tired of watches and found headphones. I prefer iems after a half dozen or so circumaurals, peaking out at Hifiman 400i's and Senn 600's. So now I have my Jupiters, JH Audio 13ciems and these glorious Vegas and a few other less notables.
I run my music from an iMac and Grace Design m900 (up from a JDS Labs Element, which is excellent). I also use Roon, Tidal, Bit-Perfect and JRiver.
So did the holidays bring you good people any great new swag?
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