Dec 29, 2017103 views

Higher-quality 2-channel integrated amplifiers

Would anyone (besides me) be interested in seeing Massdrop produce some higher-quality integrated amplifier for two-channel audio systems? I'd be interested in offerings from the likes of Cambridge, Rogue Audio, NAD, Rega, Outlaw, and Creek Audio. What about you?
DrumBoy, SephHaley, and 5 others

This may sounds crazy but I my self like "old school" stuff. I like to see the "classic anniversary" version on the Nakamichi tape decks, Sansui power amps, Yamaha "M2" type power amp.
Good to find an "old school" buddy! I still have an Yamaha M70 amp from back in the early 80s. It was my first stereo system. Used to use it to drive a pair or AR 9. And I am using the C70 as my headphone amp! It still makes the 6XX sing! :-)
PrimaLuna, Consonance, McIntosh, Electrocompanient. Although I am more interested to see a drop on power conditioners and AC regenerators right now.