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Which DAC/AMP should I use?

I am currently using Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm headphones that are connected to my Logitech Z333 audio control, which is connect directly, using a 3.5mm audio jack to my sound card.
My friend recently told me, after he got some good headphones, that a DAC seriously improved the sound through his headphones.
I am looking to buy a DAC for around £50, possibly £100, and maybe £120+ (since I am not much of an audiophile to be honest, I just want the most out of my headphones), so it really depends on if the extra cost really would show significant / valuable change for me.
1) I really don't know how to set a DAC up whilst mixing my speakers and headphones with it.
My speakers are connected using a 3.5mm jack, but have RCA connections too. I also want to use my headphones. How would I go about connecting what to what, and using which connections / cables?
2) What would be the most valuable DAC for the price range given above, whilst being able to connect all my devices shown above?
3) Are DACs / AMPs definitely worth it? Considering the fact I love listening to music, watching movies and videos and playing games that require good listening. I heard that you can often hear more sounds that you couldn't hear before.
Thanks very much to anyone who reads this, any useful replies are extremely valued and appreciated.

I happen to have the beyer 1770 pro using both Schiit Lyer 2 and multi bit Bifrost. Sound? "Stout" and "wide"!
Look at the Schiit Fulla 2 ( it's only £110 and has great reviews - I own a few actually and they really are quite good. Unfortunately, it's out of stock right now in your region =/....
1) it's USB, you simply plug it in and select it in your sound preferences.
2) I am still going to recommend the Fulla 2 here. Since it's a headphone DAC/Amp you don't plug in anything but your headphones.
3) Absolutely, especially over stock components like what you have.
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Research complete? I'm also intrested mate