Everyday Pen/Ink on not so great papers?

Glad to see this new TALK area. Great place to share and explore. And maybe find some new ideas!
Speaking of which, I am looking for a great pen/ink combo for everyday writing on copy/laser paper. You know, the stuff everyone uses....
Currently, I use either a Pilot Metropolitan Fine with Noodlers Widow Maker or Bernake Blue, along with Diamine Syrah and Red Dragon, even Bungbox Ink of the Witch. Red and Blue inks are my goto, but I've been enjoying some blue-purples. Sometimes I will grab my Lamy Studio EF with Pilot Take-Sumi or Asa-gao. I have had hit-or-miss experiences with my Lamy Safari....
What do you all use for general notes, grading papers, etc when you are out and about? Which pens and nibs? Any inks that are just rocking on copy paper?
Lets see what out there. :D
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Aug 25, 2018
I got a sample of Noodler's x-feather for this situation, but haven't tried it yet. Most of the time I use my own paper so it is rarely an issue for me.
Jul 29, 2016
The wetter the ink/pen the more feathering you're going to see on a cheap and absorbent paper.
I'd invest in levenger (a little absorbent but heavy) or rhodia (lighter but glossy to the touch and ink resistant) pads. You'll see much better shading variations in the Rhodia paper, but both are my daily go to papers.
Here's a writing sample of a very well-behaving ink with the driest of the pens I have at home on regular staples copy paper.
Jul 29, 2016
I use my Visconti Rembrandt Fine but still searching for a quick drying ink. They say the cheap Pilot inks dry fast so I'll get one soon. Their blue has a nice purple sheen or so they say.
Jul 27, 2016
I use a LAMY CP1 with a very fine nib that does fairly well on most paper including Moleskin and other paper I wouldn't consider fountain pen friendly. It's been an everyday carry pen for me since I ordered it last year. I've been mostly use Sailor Jentle Blue Black ink with it, but have a bottle of Diamine anniversary blue black I plan on trying soon.