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Just joined the 6XX drop and have a ModMic on the way... Why should I then buy an AMP?

Does the price point really benifit me that much. I will use these to listen to music and play fps games, simulaters etc.

The HD 6XX's are high impedance headphones that a lot of power and not just that, but you an amp to hear the full potential of those cans. They are leagues above the Game1's and you really should get a DAC too (a combo like the Schiit Fulla 2 would work nice) again to hear the "most" out of your new cans. Feel free ask anymore questions
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Not a direct comparison but I hope you can draw a correlation. A few years ago when I auditioned an O2+ODAC vs the Modi+Magni, the O2+ODAC was the cleaner sounding but the Modi+Magni was more fun and dynamic. I ended up buying the O2+ODAC.
When I compare my O2+ODAC now to my Aune T1, the T1 is more dynamic. If memory is accurate (which often is not), it's just as dynamic as the Schiit stack. There is more bass and the mid-range is much lusher.
Also like I said, the higher output impedance on the Aune, will sound much better on the HD6XX.
Send me the Aune for a test run and I’ll compare ;)