Drop-made True Wireless IEM

Dear Audiophiles, What's the appetite for something like this? I would very, very excited if Drop was to take on a project like this. There is a real gap in the market for audiophile-grade wireless IEMs in my opinion. Similar to the quality and innovation of the upcoming DROP + THX PANDA WIRELESS HEADPHONE (https://drop.com/buy/drop-wireless-headphones). I recently participated in the drop for the HELM true wireless IEMs, which claim to fit this niche, but was very disappointed and have now returned them. Initial requirements:
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Standard IEM ear tip size (preferably 3mm)
  • Apt-X support
  • 5+ hours battery life
  • Slim charging case (within reason)
  • Dedicated pairing button
  • Reliable and straightforward bluetooth support (common failing in competitors)
Thoughts? Feels?

Jan 29, 2020
YES. Please. I just purchased the TicPods 2 and am very pleased with them so far, but seeing a DROP version to compete with it would be very welcome. Anything to further this line of BT earphones is a huge win for everybody. Also, to add to feature ideas: • Apt-X HD specifically • Customizable touch commands (via app) on the length of the earpiece • Optional behind-the-neck cord that attaches to each earphone, magnetically, to prevent loss • Optional lanyard loop w/ nylon cord to attach to the case (inset, not on the outside of the case), so it • doesn't interfere or catch on pockets, etc. • LED battery charge indicator on the charging case (4-5 levels) • Equalizer in app, or built to use native Android equalizer, with customizable bands and custom stored • presets • Option to normalize audio, for when low notes are too low and high notes are too high in louder environments (nothing worse than blasting your ears out when a song gets really loud suddenly, but you • can't hear the rest of the song otherwise) • Battery indicators for each earpiece and case in app and/or connection notification • Play/pause when placed in ear / removed
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