For Convenience & Transparency (Listed Price)
So I realized, for a while, that Massdrop does not reveal that listed price on items that are not longer on sale. Wouldn't it be convenience for people to be able to check prices between current and past products for better consideration on the consumers' part?
One has to know that some of us consumers are waiting for a deal that exceed our previous expectations when it comes to comparing and buying products, and that we consumers do not solely base our consideration on the current product. It would be a helpful feature if Massdrop can notice us consumers if a product has returned for a second round, and if the price has changed since the first round after the second request.
Please forgive me if this question has already been answered. Thank you.
thumb_uptegeus-Cromis and sistem_32

Jan 1, 2018
I agree completely, and if I'm not mistaken it seems like that could help Massdrop as well. If somebody were looking for a deal on a product that had been dropped before they could evaluate whether or not it would be worthwhile to wait for it to be dropped again. For instance, I see Mozqnixw has purchased a Sansung 850 EVO SSD. I have several of those in my computer, and I may upgrade my storage in the near future. If I knew the price that SSD dropped for, I might be inclined to wait for it to drop again, but as it is, if I needed storage, I'd just purchase it directly from Samsung.
Jan 1, 2018