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New Microfiber Cloth System!

Hey All! Nick here again with my latest and wishfully greatest. Just thought I'd share a recent design that I've had under the chopping block for the past few months, and I'm proud to say that it is finally set for full release. 'That's great Nick, but what the heckin heck is it?' A question you could probably answer if you had one to clean your dusty spectacles, I say!
Ladies and gents, I give you the ParaCloth; A universal, ultra simple, super cool microfiber cloth deployment system that is designed to always be there in a pinch, and save your lenses from damage caused by using everyday clothes to wipe them down.
Born from a place of constant neglect in properly maintaining my own glasses and gear, the ParaCloth can attach to anything, slip effortlessly into a pocket, and can completely break down by undoing the single American-made chicago screw for cleaning the cloth and optional removal of the included stainless steel s-biner clip. This keeps the American-sourced Hermann Oak vegetable tanned leather shell safe from harm during the occasional hot soap and water cloth cleaning.
I've been using mine for weeks now, and couldn't be happier. The uses never end! That said, I'd love to hear the gut reaction of this wonderful community. Thoughts and feedback welcome! If there's enough interest, I'd be more than happy to talk to Massdrop about arranging a deal for you folks :)
Thanks! And Happy New Year!
- Nick Mankey
steve and nmankey

If the price is right and the microfiber cloth is high quality (the good thick stuff), I’d be in. I currently carry a loose lambskin chamois.
I hear you on that. Definitely didn't skimp on the cloth material. Went through a few manufactures before I was happy.
Glad to hear it!
I'm interested in the black leather case! I have lots of microfiber clothes I use and carry but your case would make it even better. Where can I get it?
Awesome! I have them listed on nickmankeydesigns.com :)
Ah, I remember you! Your the guy with the ruler watch strap! I do love your products... I might get these two together! Keep doing what you do! Support ya! :)