Jan 2, 2018

Is this combo worth the price? Marantz HD-DAC1 + Final Sonorous IV (€999)

Price: €999
Hi, I have been browsing for a month different DAC/AMP/Headphones combos and even if the massdrop drops are great, I have to add customs taxes to the final price, which usually are up to 20% where I live (Canary Islands, Spain), which puts me off a lot, to be honest. So I found this offer today in a Spanish store that I think could be well in terms of quality/price. Since I have no idea about this stuff, I need some help from you to answer some questions:
1. Do you think the price is fair?
2. What do you think of the amp/DAC and headphones individually?
3. I have been trying to find the specs for the headphones but they fail to provide the frequency range, not even in the official website. Isn't this a very important specification that should be provided by the company?
4. Does anyone know the frequency range for this headphones?
Thanks for the help.

if you want to, you can read a bit (55 pages) about the Marantz: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/marantz-hd-dac1.730055/ The Marantz can be bought for ~ €700 in Germany, meaning about €300 left for the headphones, I've no idea about. But I'm no head-fi pro :)
Good luck
I have been told that head-fi is not very reliable, that they are heavily sponsor-biased.