midrange DJ accesory rec's plz?

I simply CANNOT believe I'm here again.. buying DJ gear AGAIN. I sold my entire rig, including an AMAZING record collection a year ago and BAMO I got the bug again. I have a pair of Tech 1200's on the way from a friend until I can get my own, but I don't want to spend a fortune on headphones, needles, and monitors etc etc... just because I ALREADY BOUGHT IT ALL BEFORE! (sigh)
My OLD rig, which I was VERY happy with included 2 pairs of Pioneer 1500 headphones for shows and an pair of Xone-XD53 for reviewing tunes. I used the Shure WHLB Headshell/Cartridges and liked them and had just bought but not used Orotafone Nightclub MKII's as well. My Mixer was a DJM 900NXS (but I'll probably look for a 500 this time, who actually uses all those blue filters???) and lastly I had a ROKIT 6inch that I wasn't really satisfied with.
I'd like to spend less than $100 on cans, individual needles (must come assembled) and no more than 150 on a monitor.. ANY IDEAS????
Remember, I have to go replace about 5k worth of records so... i can't go buckwild on toys. THANKS!!


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