Jan 4, 2018117 views

What will be the best kit to start learn DIY Tech?

I want to make my first steps into the DIY world. I've started to learn Python and basic electronics.
Currently there are 2 kits on MD i'm thinking of, could you please recomend which one will be better to learn integration of Python with hardware?
These are the 2 kits: (I'm leaning more taward the 2nd kit, am I correct?)
1. mBot Ranger 3-in-1 Transformable STEM Robot Kit
2. SunFounder Starter Learning Kit V3 for Raspberry Pi https://www.massdrop.com/buy/sunfounder-starter-learning-kit-v3-for-raspberry-pi
LEZZARD and ZacharyBinz

Oh, and if you ever want to give C a go, checkout https://www.arduino.cc/. Though, I don't know if Arduino has anything python related (they might now, they've really expanded what they have).
I'm glad you're getting into electronics! I personally don't use kits nor python so I don't really pay attention to them but you should check out https://www.adafruit.com/. Adafruit has a large amount of boards and potentially kits that use python instead of normal C. They also have a ton of tutorials and useful information. Sparkfun.com also has a ton of tutorials and projects and may also have kits (I don't recall anything python though).