Whats new on MassDrop?
Hmmmm, I've been away from MassDrop for a couple months, decide to check-in and see what's new... ..... Hmmm, NOTHING... All the same stuff I was seeing months ago, I don't see one single thing thats new or different, and not one of the expired Drops that I'd "requested" be re-offered have been re-offered... What's going on? Is MassDrop fading away?

Jul 11, 2020
The demise of the company began at the point where Massdrop changed its branding to Drop with the intent of expanding its offerings abroad. The marketing approach miserably failed. It seems as if the company founders are now taking direction from investors who see a different company vision rather than Drop communities who helped make the former Massdrop great. They have lost their way much like Sierra f/k/a Sierra Trading Post and Rakuten f/k/a Buy.com. Many of the products offered are no longer high end; now replaced by inferior, no-name brands sourced from those countries that make counterfeit junk. It is disappointing and we are watching the slow implosion as each community is shut down. No amount of company marketing spin can mask the leadership incompetence of the company. Additionally, Drop has long been plagued by quality and delivery issues; something that the founders have dragged their feet on fixing. Nobody wants this or to buy a product only to find in subsequent Drops that you were ripped off by $200. In the end the investors will get their money from the sold assets and inventory of Drop and the communities will lose the benefit of what once was a vibrant and exciting venue for purchasing high-end product — actually, we are almost there... :(
Feb 20, 2020
I guess you didn't bother reading my comment...
I interpreted your post differently. The posts that I linked was evidence on why Massdrop has changed. It has changed so much that the name is now Drop. And that the business model is moving away from the groupuy aspect