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New Year, New Projects!

The new year has always been a time for self reflection for people and I am not immune. I am one of those people that loves the ritual of looking back at the year to see what I accomplished, what I let fall by the wayside and what my intentions are for the coming year. I know it's a mind set because a restock/reset can be done at any time of the year. It just feels very auspicious to me to do it on the first day of the year . A clean slate, if you will.
This new year, one of my intentions is to create more. Whether it be music, stories, or clothes, I feel the need to be able to spend more time on creative projects. Since we did our Quilting meet up at Stitch Lounge last September, sewing has been top of mind lately and will be my first creative endeavor. I've landed on making a button down shirt, but the question to be answered now is who for. Me, my husband or my son? I found this great mens pattern so he may be the winner by default. :-)
What new creative projects are you excited to start this year?
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Not sewing or quilting, but I've got knitting on my mind again! I just knit this fox hood/hat for a family member - started Jan 1 and finished Jan 3 (and yes, that is a roll of paper towels that I'm using as a mannequin head). I'm going to be doing a sweater or shawl soon as soon as soon as I can commit to a pattern!
That is adorable!
I love it -- I can't believe it only took you 2 days to make it!
I plan to be patching the elbows of one of my favorite sweaters.
Blue corduroy patches on a grey cashmere sweater. Baby steps to a larger project :)