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BIGiDESIGN Ti Arto Titanium Pen

I love the thought of a refillable pen that can take nearly every available refill on the market. The maker claims that the BIGiDESIGN Ti Arto Titanium Pen can accept over 750+ different refills. I envision the BIGiDESIGN Ti Arto Titanium Pen clearing nearly all of the wretched plastic pen bodies from my pen cases.
I would love to hear from anybody who has experience with a BIGiDESIGN Ti Arto Titanium Pen. Is there another pen out there with similar features? I like the postable cap, and the purported flexibility of the BIGiDESIGN Ti Arto Titanium Pen.
I have been drooling at it on JetPens. Is the BIGiDESIGN Ti Arto Titanium Pen something that would be drop worthy?

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@sallen .... You must have gotten your pen by now... I am waiting to hear all about it .
FWIW, I have BIGiDESIGN's Solid Ti and Ti Post Raw pens. The Ti Post Raw is similar to the Arto and Arto EDC in size and look but only accommodates 35+ refills. I really enjoy using the Ti Post Raw but wish it would post as I find it a tad short. I prefer the Solid Ti (in matte black) as it is a bit longer, has great weight and balance, although I find posting it makes it top-heavy. My only one major complaint is the threads seem a bit raw on both my pens and both squeak a bit when unscrewing the tip. I wish it was as smooth as my Titaner Titan pen.
Btw, one correction that I should probably point it. According to their website, there are two versions of the Arto: 1. Ti Arto which accepts 200+ refills via what I can only describe as a "keyless chuck" type of locking mechanism. Take a look at the vid: https://bigidesign.co/collections/pens/products/ti-arto-pen 2. Ti Arto EDC which accepts the 750+ refills by a twisting of the pen body. Check out the vid on their link, https://bigidesign.co/collections/pens/products/ti-arto-edc-pen. From what they say on their website, this pen is in pre-order only at this time.
Hoping to see this drop as I would love having a Ti Arto EDC as my EDC pen.
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Ahh, nice. So, did you pick up the Ti Arto or the Ti Arto EDC? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on either one.
And, I agree, I prefer pens that post... as long as they aren't too long, otherwise they are a bit unbalanced.
I bought the Ti Arto. I just got it tonight so I have only just started fooling with it. I've been running around the house like a mad man finding every kind of pen refill I can to try in my new toy. After I have played with it a while I will write a review.
Got sent over here thanks to @j-e-g and she suggested I speak to you about this fantastic pen. I was on the hunt for a Prometheus Writes Alpha pen that was the only pen at the time I knew of that was capable of using and being designed to use Mont Blanc fineliner refills. I have a Prometheus Alpha Beta QR light amongst a Alpha torch. I had been wanting to pull the trigger on an Alpha Writes for quite some time now, but wasn’t sure if I wanted the Ti or the other options it comes in and was perusing for one on the secondary market. Whole watching reviews of it on YouTube and also looking at them on Instagram, I observed many members of the EDC community, primarily the custom knife world that I circle in that had this new Ti pen that I wasn’t familiar with.
Being familiar with the custom knife and light and some part of the pen world I was curious and started looking at hashtags and other people’s posts of the seemingly newcomer. After a short time and from the help of some friends (in real life) I was directed to their website and came across the information you are now armed with. Without a minute to spare I jumped on the order in case it was a limited batch since they are a Kickstarter crew.
Fast forward to four days later and I received it in the mail just a day after my new MB refills. I tore open the packaging and discarded the perfectly good refill and inserted and loaded up my MB refill. Cocked and Locked I went to the nearest Rhodia A5 and started to put some work in son.
All I can say is, wow, this pen is la formidable. You need to bite the bullet and not wait if you are a user of ballpoint or rollerballs or fineliners. There is an updated version coming in May as you already know that will be more user friendly and adjust in size with the post... I will jump on that release when it comes and that way I can have two of my favorite colors in fineliner from MB. I’m hoping they offer it in copper or brass in addition to Ti this next to round, but I understand it’s all about supply and demand.
It’s late and I have to get to bed to get up super stupid early for work as I work twelve hours shifts that begin around 0400 hrs. I will say that don’t wait for an MD negotiation and drop, this one is worth it and the coupon they offer when you register at the website will help ease the pain from your pocketbook. Hope this helps, I’ll try and take pictures of the writing samples with the pen tomorrow and add them to new comments. Stay safe out there, cheers.
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I hit you back I think (?).
That ink looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing the photos.
So, what are thoughts on the pen itself... weight, balance, feel, the mechanism for swapping refills, overall impressions?
I have never seen this one... Love a new find... Need to check the price range, options etc.... got to go take a peek at it 😀 Did you decide to get one ?
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Mission Accomplished Agent P (Men in Black reference). Let me know if that was adequate for your representation.
Most excellent C-Donk 👍🏻