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TWSBI pen drops

Why are there no TWSBI pen drops thus far?
RFeiertag, aevaughn, and 1 other

TWSBI stick to their Minimum Advertised Prices like superglue between two fingertips. They'd rather tear themselves to pieces than sell their pens for less.
Love mine too - Loaded my orange one with a nice fall ink and loaned it to a pal in November... it hasn’t been returned because. “It still has ink in it , besides, love it”. 😂😂😂. Not too worried about it.. I will see it again when it runs dry ! LOL
I recall Jonas or some other MD person mentioned TWSBI just doesn't deal with companies like MD. I bought an ECO when they first came out and love it despite a few minor quirks.
Personally, I'd love Massdrop and TWSBI to pair up on a non-deminstrator 540 with a fill window. Maybe I should just buy a classic though...
I have wondered why no TWSBI drops myself. I love my TWSBI pens as I prefer demonstrator pens over others that I have to guess at the ink level.