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REP Gaming - Custom Deck Box Colorway

Hey everyone, we made this poll a few weeks ago to try and nail what people would like to see as their favorite option for a Massdrop exclusive colorway. It's gotten a bit of exposure already but we are at a dead heat for the winning option!
Here is the link:
and for those of you who are unfamiliar with the product in question you can check it out here:
We are going to be able to offer the colorway in both the commander and the standard sizes.
Share it with your friends! Let me know what you think would make the coolest colorway!
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Picked one up at Gencon last year. I am a fan.
Hey y'all, I just put up the newest poll: https://www.massdrop.com/vote/REP-Gaming-Steel-Commander-Deck-Box-Massdrop-Exclusive-Colorway
Let me know what you think!
Also this :) - These boxes are seriously tough
Hey everyone,
So I was talking to REP this morning and it looks like they will be able to make samples of the three most popular options so that we can get them in and shot. As it stands now the conditional winners of round 1 are Carbide Black, Silver Vein, and Copper Vein.
It will be a couple weeks to get the boxes made but they are on the way! I can't wait to check them out and share them with everyone. We will most likely have another round of voting after we get the samples in.
I really wish you guys had used different images for each powder coat color options. Some of those, like the Vein ones, don't really convey what the final surface looks like. (BTW: Its amazing looking)
I totally agree! I'm going to see if I can get samples made in the top 3 colorways to create a more accurate poll, the vein colorways look cool but I'm sure they're absolutely amazing irl.
Ooh, I hadn't seen the poll. I am definitely all over the Carbide and Supreme black colors... though that sadly puts things back into a dead heat (at time of posting)!