Massdrop x E-MU Purpleheart-problem

I just ordered myself a pair of those headphones for Christmas. I wanted to use them on the go. To have something not too expensive but quality.
Finaly got them and they seemed great, but than, last weekend i was going to a conference and i had to go by train. So i thought, well thats what i got them for! I put them on and started going down the stairs (i was late). Almost immediately i started recognising this extremly trying noise from one side of the headphone. It was like someone riddled my cable in a strong way. But i was late, and so i was ignoring it by boosting up the volume. Later that day i found out, one of the woodshells was loose and shaked around, every time i was moving my head too strong.
Does someone know how i could fix this problem? I really didnt use them before that happend... made a video :)
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