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Have a pen, or other writing paraphernalia, that's never been offered through Massdrop? Perhaps something you really enjoy? Care to share it with us? If so, even if it has dropped in the past, share it with us anyway :)
Mine is the Delta Magnifica Amalfi.
I have, until very recently, been reluctant to embrace traditional ornate fountain pens. They've always felt a bit too ostentatious to me; usually oversized, often excessively colorful, sometimes garishly ornate, rarely any regard for restraint, and always very expensive. But... I had set my mind on owning at least one fountain pen with a solid gold nib. What's more ostentatious than gold?
Long story short, I ended up with the Amalfi. Somehow, despite everything to the contrary, it manages to be tasteful, and quite simply, IMHO, beautiful. It also has everything I was looking for in a fountain pen:
It is very well balanced, posted or otherwise; very comfortable to hold and the #6 fine nib is buttery smooth.
Like many Deltas it's a piston filler, but it's also a converter. The converter is operated by removing the rear cap.
The craftsmanship, quality of the materials (olive wood, resin and metal) and attention to detail are something to be appreciated in person; photos don't do it justice.
So there you have it, the pen I enjoy the most is the one I never thought I'd consider, until I did.

What's your Neverdrop?
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Platinum Century 3776
I haven't seen one offered yet, but have only been on MD under a year ...
The best value gold-nib fountain pen IMHO - especially if you're willing to buy overseas. I own the Chartres Blue in Fine (really, an EF line) and the Bourgogne here in Medium (a good Fine line). With Carbon Black ink, can write on even garbage coarse-fiber notebook paper without feathering!
However, if you like line variation the standard F/M/B nibs are not going to do it for you. There are harder to find "soft fine" nibs, music and stubs, but at this price you can afford to have it custom ground by a nibmeister. I like "nails" and this one is a good one. I put it between a Pilot and Sailor nib in terms of feedback, but the Platinum feed is more consistent than Pilot and closer to Sailor in quality.
I also like the "slip and seal" cap which keeps the pen writing at first touch for months! I've uncapped one after a month sitting upright in a pen stand and it started up immediately without pause.
The best liquid-ink rollerball pen, for my money, is the Tombow ULTRA. But like @dieyen says of Lamy, the Tombows usually sell for
$40-50, so opportunities for any significant drop may be non-existent.
Bungubox pens!
Sweet pen !
It is, and my photos don't even do it justice.
Having been a MD junkie for a few months now, I have been very impressed by the variety of items on offer. Prior to joining MD, my favorites in my collection had been my Lamy 2000 and Waterman Carene. The Lamy we see often, and in Waterman I only like the model I got and the Edson which I cannot justify buying. Besides, it is discontinued.
I would like to see more smaller brands like Namisu, maybe Cleo Skribent. Brands that may have a strong market presence elsewhere but not necessarily in the USA (ok, that's a bit selfish)
@Theroc, does that cleaning cloth come with the pen?
The cloth came with my glasses :) I also would love to see a Cleo Skribent drop.
I would love any Visconti fountain pen Massdrop. I am hoping for the more affordable ones since I don't think I can afford $1K and over. I wouldn't mind buying another Visconti calligraphy set in a different color this time. What I don't like about it is its box which isn't ideal for shipping. A massdrop for ink misers would be good too
It's gorgeous!
I would LOVE to see any (although my personal preference would be the new Iridium) Visconti Pininfarina. I realize they are quite expensive, but these pens are a thing of beauty - they have fantastically smooth Palladium nibs, there is cross-interest with classic car lovers because of Pininfarini's involvement, and they are truly a work of art.
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True dat!
It definitely as a look all it's own. Can't be confused with another pen/brand.
How about a Massdrop Edison Pen Co. collab? I forget the other pen that the Community designed but I absolutely love my Edison Collier and would love a special edition (definatly if they could engrave the massdrop logo somewhere classfull!)
I personally wouldn't mind a more affordable inkwell on massdrop, I would like to display my inks from different brands in a unified fashion
Massdrop offer a great variety of fountain pens... for every wallet! I really enjoy the pens I bought via massdrop! One of the thing could be to offer some pens with more nibs options, like italic, stubs, EEF, or, why not, even a pen with come with a variety of nibs! The Italix pens you offered are great for that, great nibs options... But it could be great to get it from some other brands who also offer them (like Pelikan)... One of the thing that could also be great is to look for the pens cases and display - I personally did some research and I've even been able to track down a manifacturer who do those great huge display sold for 1600$ US in USA, who make them for 20$... if you are willing to buy 300 of them! I sure can't personally to that but an organisation like Massdrop can! :) That could be amazing! :)
Go for it.
I'd really like to see more nib options too. Any suggestions besides Pelikan?
I heard a rumor Massdrop is getting their Pelikans thru a distributer or reseller - so it might be hard for them to offer the full line of nibs, and Pelikan has unfortunately recently reduced their nib offerings. Sailor offers some really interesting nibs (srebrown did youtube reviews of their full lineup recently), but boy howdy do those get shockingly expensive - like $1k for just the nib expensive, and there are so few produced there's often a waiting list so a group-buy probably won't work anyway.
Maybe something thru fpnibs.com? They have reasonably-priced steel nibs in XXXF, PO, WA, fude, etc. I have a few on order, so I'll find out about quality soon enough. If they're nice, I'd be interested in a group-buy on a couple gold nibs from them.
I would like to see the Lamy 2000 rollerball. As a Lamy 2000 fanboy, I'm attempting to collect the entire lineup (in the makrolon at least). The multi-pen is fantastic and the fountain pen is one of my favorites. I would like the see the rollerball offered up on massdrop some time. Perhaps as an option on the fountain pen drop? It seems like a relationship is already built between Massdrop and Lamy, lets expand the options!

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Could it be an either/or kind of option instead of having to get both? Just thinking of my wallet. hahaha. Thanks Liz!
The rollerball version is only 80$ on amazon. http://amzn.to/2suh7N8 don't think massdrop could do better unless they bundle it.